This is a list of conferences/workshops I am organizing/co-organizing or have organized/co-organized at UCSB's Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance.

Upcoming Conferences


2nd Annual Junior Workshop in Macroeconomics

  • Dates: October 20-21, 2023
  • Location: Upham Hotel, Santa Barbara 
  • Type: Invitation Only
  • Co-organizers: Job Boerma (UW-Madison), Paolo Martellini (UW-Madison)


LAEF on the Lakes: UW-Madison/UCSB Macroeconomics Conference

  • Dates: May 3-4, 2024
  • Location: University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • Type: Open Submission, Call for Papers Coming in September of 2024

Past Conferences

Click here for a full list of all past conferences associated with LAEF. The conferences/workshops listed below are one's that I co-organized or for which I served on the scientific committee, listed in reverse chronological order. The titles are clickable and link to the conference programs.


XXVI Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics in Vigo, Spain

2nd Annual Labor Markets and Macroeconomic Outcomes

Racial Inequality in Macroeconomics


1st Annual Junior Workshop in Macroeconomics

Growth, Development, and Structural Transformation

Conference on Aging and Healthcare in the Macroeconomy

Labor Markets and Macroeconomic Outcomes


Welfare and Inequality in the 21st Century