This is a list of conferences/workshops I am organizing/co-organizing or have organized/co-organized at UCSB's Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance

Upcoming Conferences


3rd Labor Markets and Macroeconomic Outcomes

  • Dates: April 12-13, 2024
  • Location: Vanderbilt University
  • Organizers: Adam Blandin (Vanderbilt), Ben Griffy (University at Albany), David Wiczer (FRB Atlanta), Nick Pretnar (UCSB, CMU, UR)
  • Program: See here.

LAEF on the Lakes: UW-Madison/UCSB Macroeconomics Conference
  • Dates: May 3-4, 2024
  • Organizers: Job Boerma (UW-Madison), Paolo Martellini (UW-Madison), Nick Pretnar (UCSB, CMU, UR)
  • Location: University of Wisconsin at Madison

XXVII Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics in Vigo, Spain
  • Dates: July 2-4, 2024
  • Scientific Committee: Tim Kehoe (University of Minnesota, Chair), Arpad Abraham (University of Bristol), Jaime Alonso Carrera (Universidade de Vigo), Juan Carlos Conesa (Stony Brook University), Antonia Diaz (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Sergio Feijoo Moreira (University of Bristol), Finn Kydland (UCSB), Omar Licandro (University of Nottingham), Franck Portier (UCL), Nick Pretnar (UCSB, CMU, UR), Jose Victor Rios Rull (Penn).
  • Call for Papers: (submissions due by April 5, 2024), see here.
  • Location: Castelo de Soutomaior, Vigo (Spain)

UConn Leafy LAEF Conference
  • Dates: October 12-13, 2024
  • Location: Storrs, Connecticut on the campus of the University of Connecticut
  • Organizers: Kanda Naknoi (UConn), Daniela Vidart (UConn), Kai Zhao (UConn), Nick Pretnar (UCSB, CMU, UR)
  • Call for Papers: We are inviting submissions for the Leafy LAEF Conference, a joint initiative between the Department of Economics at the University of Connecticut and the Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance (LAEF) at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The conference will be held in Storrs, CT, on October 25-26, 2024, at the Graduate Storrs Boutique Hotel. Presentations begin on Friday, October 25, and run through the early afternoon on Saturday, October 26. There will be a conference dinner Friday night. Travel costs (up to a cap) and up to 3 nights lodging will be covered for presenters of accepted papers. The conference will feature approximately 9 to 10 papers. Submissions from all areas of macroeconomics and adjacent fields are welcome.  We hope you will find this conference of interest and will submit your work. We expect to select the program by the end of May 2024.
  • Please upload a draft (or extended abstract) here.

Past Conferences

Click here for a full list of all past conferences associated with LAEF. The conferences/workshops listed below are one's that I co-organized or for which I served on the scientific committee, listed in reverse chronological order. The titles are clickable and link to the conference programs.


2nd Annual Junior Workshop in Macroeconomics

XXVI Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics in Vigo, Spain

2nd Labor Markets and Macroeconomic Outcomes

Racial Inequality in Macroeconomics


1st Annual Junior Workshop in Macroeconomics

Growth, Development, and Structural Transformation

Conference on Aging and Healthcare in the Macroeconomy

Labor Markets and Macroeconomic Outcomes


Welfare and Inequality in the 21st Century