Latest Working Papers

Home Production with Time to Consume. (2020). (joint with William Bednar).

Two-stage Budgeting with Bounded Rationality. (2020). (joint with Alan Montgomery and Christopher Y. Olivola).

The Intergenerational Welfare Implications of Disease Contagion. (2020).

Natural Consumption Dynamics. (2020). (joint with William Bednar).

News Sentiment During COVID-19. (2020). (joint with Vitaly Mersault).

Non-refereed Publications

Who Will Care for All the Old People? VoxEU in: Live Long and Prosper? The Economics of Ageing Populations. (2019). (joint with Finn Kydland).

Other Working Papers

The Costs and Benefits of Caring: Aggregate Burdens of an Aging Population. NBER Working Paper #25498. (2019). (joint with Finn Kydland).

Press: Benefits Pro

Durables, Non-Durables, and a Structural Test of Fungibility. (2018). (joint with Alan Montgomery and Christopher Y. Olivola).